Andrew Racz
Director of Research
300 East 54 Street, Suite 26C
New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 319-6949
Fax: (212) 753-1944

Altek Power Corp.

April 27, 2008


Last sale


52-week range

$0.16 - $0.04

Balance Sheet
(as of December 31, 2007)



Total Current Assets


Total Assets


Total Current Liabilities


Shareholders' Equity



Q:  Mr. Loewen, in a few sentences, what is Altek Corp.

A:  Altek Power is publicly listed corporation in Canada under TSX Venture Exchange. The company has approximately 2,300 owners, shareholders, and is in the business of producing a 1.2 megawatt, which is 1200 kilowatt, electrical generating plant. That plant, while it produces the 1.2 megawatts of electricity, also produces approximately 2.5 megawatts of thermal energy which can be used for the heating of buildings, air conditioning or steam generation for industrial purposes.

Q:  Mr. Loewen, we are in the year 2008, and at least the two Democratic contenders for the American presidency each talk about giving $50 billion for research for what's called alternative energy. Would you please tell me where does all that fit into your prospects?

A:  Altek Power, through its 1.2 megawatt electrical generating plant, is an alternative energy consumer to this extent. Alternative energy refers to the use of alternative sources of energy to make power. Examples would include solar, bio gas, syn gas, bio diesel, and several other fuels like ethanol.


$50B government-sponsored research






Source of fuel for AT1200

Altek Power Corporation reports the following update of an installation of an AT1200 Electrical Generation facility in Northern Alberta, Canada. The plant has successfully completed run testing to a load bank at the site. Final commissioning of this facility is expected to be completed by early May following receipt of certain electrical switching equipment required in order to go on line. The AT1200 will provide electrical power for the operation of an oil and natural gas battery. This project represents the first installation of the new AT1200 in Canada.

Based upon this installation, the sale of an AT1200 to Sasil of Italy and several more sales under negotiation, the Company looks forward to a strong year. The Company’s focus on manufacture, assembly, and sale of AT1200 Electrical/Thermal Generation plants will continue in order to meet an accelerating demand for reliable power production in the 1,000 to 5,000 kW sector.

The AT1200 is a gas turbine driven power generation system which produces 1,200 kW of electrical power and up to 2,500 kW of thermal power. Its portability due to its lightweight and small foot print make it an ideal power source for remote locations and other areas with unreliable power.

Altek Power Corporation develops timely, profitable and environmentally responsible energy solutions. Altek provides quick to market electrical generation plants, which respond to energy needs worldwide. Further information may be found at

Our Mission: To provide timely, profitable and environmentally responsible energy solutions.

Q:  Now, all these words are well known to the audience of CNN. What you do is not known. So would you please connect your activities to what you were actually just saying?

A:  Certainly. The key to our business is that our engine, the turbine, the gas turbine which runs our plant, will be designed to use each and all of the fuels that I just mentioned.

Q:  Mr. Loewen, the American politicians ever since the mid-seventies were talking about the different structure and the fuels that Detroit is using up. Now, over thirty years nothing has happened. But Detroit is using alternative fuels. They're supposed to use alternative fuels. Now, where do you come into this enormous picture?

A:  The Detroit companies use a reciprocating engine to power their vehicles. Reciprocating engines are known to be highly restrictive on being able to use more than one fuel. If you recall, that when you purchase a new car your car has a fuel specified. It must use only perhaps unleaded gas or perhaps diesel. Our turbine will be designed to use several fuels. Bio gases, all of the gases, syn gas. It will also designed to use diesel, bio diesel, various kinds of liquid fuels. So basically we have one engine that's capable of using many fuels, and that indeed is both unique and it's also, in our opinion, very responsible as an alternative energy supplier.


designed to use several fuels

Key areas of Business

* Power Turbine Sales and Manufacturing
* Biomass Sales
* Power Projects
* Patents

As an independent power producer and manufacturer of distributed generation plants, Altek offers quick-to-market electrical generation solutions in response to the growing demand for energy throughout the world.

Corporate Information

Headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Altek Power Corporation develops timely, profitable and environmentally responsible energy solutions.

* AT1200 provides distributed power and may be used for standard/flare gas applications
* Electrical generation using solution gas that would otherwise be flared
- Our Willeseden Green Facility
* Biomass-fuelled power generation
* District Heating

Current Focus Areas

* Power deregulation in Alberta, California, Texas, Pennsylvania
* Power deregulation pending in Ontario and several American states.
* Rising demand and prices for power
* Higher power prices and lower fuel prices mean a profitable "spark spread"
* Community electrical power and district heating in Poland
* Waste gas powered electrical and steam generation in Poland
* Electrical generation and air conditioning in the Middle East

Q:  Now, you have a turbine. How do you manufacture it and how do you use it and where do you use it?

Area of Purchase

# Units Under

Project description



Flare gas & stranded wells

Central America


Peru - Remote Gas Compression

Central America


Co-Gen application with HRS

Eastern Europe


District Heating System with HRS

Eastern Europe


Sunflower seed bio gas

Eastern Europe


District Heating System with HRS

Eastern Europe


District Heating System with HRS

Eastern Europe


District Heating System with HRS

Eastern Europe


Bio diesel process application

Eastern Europe


Fuel oil fired to support Gird

Middle East


Military support & Ministry of Energy

Middle East


Refinery process

Middle East


Flare gas applications

Middle East


Animal waste gasified

North America


Standby Power

North America


Process industries

North America


Co-Gen application with HRS

North America


Coal Bed Methane

North America


Various village & small town support

North America


MSW Gasification

North America


Chicken waste gasification

Northern Europe


Landfill Methane

South Asia


Landfill Methane



Chemical Processor

South Asia


Chemical Processor

South Asia


Textile industry processing

Southern Europe


Recycled Plastics Gasification

Southern Europe


Chemical Processor




Sales Likely


Year 1
Units Sold

Year 2
Units Sold

Year 3
Units Sold

Year 4
Units Sold

Year 5
Units Sold















































































A:  The various components of the AT 1200, which our power generation plant is known as, are manufactured throughout the world, many of them in the United States and Canada, and they are all assembled in British Columbia, Canada. The assembly must be done to a very high standard, and because this is a power generation plant, the plant must be built to a standard that meets all of the standards of the various countries in which we sell the unit.

Q:  You make this unit. You assemble it in Canada. Where do you try to sell it and for what purpose?

A:  Our efforts in sales were augmented by the Canadian government through the Canadian Trade Commission and the Canadian Consulate Services. We have been introduced at meetings in various countries like Poland, Romania, Lithuania, and several other Eastern European countries that are developing and that require this size and type of power generation. Through the European Union, which is quite advanced in their desire to produce power economically through the use of alternative fuels, is a large and strong supporter of our company, as is the Canadian government. As a consequence, we have been introduced to various business people in these various countries, and we are developing a large number of purchases. These purchases are made by both cities whom require electricity and district heating for their homes, businesses which require electricity and heat for their manufacturing processes.

Q:  Let me pick up one point, a particular country, Poland. Forty-five million people, the country had to be rebuilt a hundred percent after the Second World War, which is your lifetime, my lifetime, and they have had electricity ever since. As of today, they have electricity. What is going to change and where do you benefit from it?

A:  In a country like Poland, many of the small communities are still without the requisite power that they need in order to expand their communities. In order for these communities to expand, they cannot begin with large mega projects. They must begin with small projects. And this is driven mainly because of a lack of infrastructure in terms of the transmission wires for the electricity or in terms of the distribution for the thermal heat. Our plant is designed to produce sufficient power to provide electricity for perhaps 1,000 to 1,500 homes and to provide sufficient heating for perhaps 400 residences.

Developing Countries

No electrical or telephone network.


Cellular telephones

A12000 engine to provide provincial communities, 1000-1500 people.


Cheap electricity sources.

The 21st Century

Q:  I presume the conditions in my native country, Hungary, is no different.

A:  That is correct.

Q:  I have only once in my lifetime spent two or three weeks in a Hungarian village. That was after the war and I even remember that there were no newspapers, and some civil servant coming from the mayor or whoever came around every two or three days and created some noise, banged something, and he said, well, these are the news items which we want to bring to everybody's attention. I do not exactly recall whether there was full electricity. There must have been something because I was reading in the evening. I don't know how it is now with television or telephones, but what you are saying is we are going into these communities which had not been improved since 1950 by the communist government. For instance, in all of Hungary there are three telephone companies, of which one is really big. So you go into this community where everything is backwards, and the villages around where I was, let's say there are 1,500 people. What is it that you do for them?

A:  When we come into that village, we invariably visit the central heating plant. It's a single furnace which provides for the heat for each of the homes in that 1,500 person village. I have personally witnessed furnaces that had 6-inch holes in the sides of them that were using coal that was being burned in a very inefficient manner at a very high cost, and with the joining of these countries with the European Union, the European Union has set upon these countries rules of emissions and environmental standards. In order for the countries to remain in the European Union they must improve the efficiency of these kinds of plants. These plants only make thermal energy and they use very little of the energy of the coal to do so. Our recent private placements enable our European expansion.

Our Mission: To provide timely, profitable and environmentally responsible energy solutions that increase shareholder value.

Q:  I want to make a comparison, which may or may not be fair. But let's take Serbia. After the war of 1990's, they didn't have the money and a reason perhaps to build a all-encompassing telephone system. So everybody has a cellular telephone. As a matter of fact, everybody has a cell phone in Hungary, in Russian, in China, and probably India. Are you telling me that just as the telephone system of these new countries, which includes the Far East, said it's true that in the United Kingdom everybody has a telephone at home and everybody knows everybody's telephone number, long distance, and so on. But to build it everywhere in the Dalmatian Coast and so on would be an absolute fortune, so we give everybody a cell phone and that's it.

A:  You're absolutely right. The cost of installing cellular towers in Easter Bloc countries and developing countries is far less costly than the cost of installing wires. That same infrastructure issue applies to the generation of electricity, and the benefit which has been recognized by the EU, the European Union has recently passed a ruling that they will provide extra support to countries where their power generation in fact includes 60 percent of the power being used for district heating and 40 percent for electricity. Our equipment complies directly for that purpose.

Q:  So in other words, what you are really saying is that your way of generating electricity, heat, etc., is basically the foster brother of the cellular telephone system.

A:  Yes.

Q:  So when communism disappeared, and as Mrs. Thatcher said, it was thrown into the ash pile of history, the world decided that there are ten million people living in Hungary and each of these ten million can buy shoes, DVD's, cigarettes which you can't sell in America. So in other words, they are very good consumers. They work, they're consumers, but in order to put them into business you have to modernize the heating system, the electrical system, the telephone system. Otherwise, you can't do business. As a matter of fact, they build everywhere very nice airports so people can fly back and forth, so they are part of the system, part of the consumer society. And that is why today instead of two billion people working in this world there are seven billion people. And because there is a system of heating, electricity and telephone, all the American movies can be sold to them and they are part of the consumer society. That's basically where you fit into the world.

A:  That is correct. And if I may say so, wherever a community in an emerging country is able to provide for reliable electricity, reliable heat and reliable communication, that community has every time without exception exceeded the expectations of its populace. The people have done much better, their standard of living has increased drastically, and this can all be done without mega projects. Historically the generation of electricity has been completed by very large plants and very long transmission wires. Today distributed generation in the form that we produce is the chosen way because the projects are smaller and much more numerous.

Q:  Altek today has 116,000,000 shares. At $0.8, it's less than $10 million market cap. The company has a modest amount of cash, has prospects to deliver between 25 and 50 units which you can sell for less than a million dollars, maybe $750,000. But if you take the outside figure of 50 times a million, it's a potential $50 million backlog, and with very modest sums of money, but with some government support you have a market cap of $10 million and a relatively experienced management. What is it that's needed to install let's say the first ten units?

A:  To answer that I must go backwards one step. It's important to understand that in excess of $14 million has been spent on developing our technology. Our technology is now ready for the market, and this has been proven by our recent sales which we published. The next ten units, to answer your question properly, will require an initial investment of $1.5 million and a down-road investment of between $5 and $10 million additional dollars. As my obligation is to the shareholders of this company, it would be the desire of this company to sell fewer and to own more of the plants which the public wishes us to install worldwide.

Q:  Let's assume you find the $10 million and you take a 3-4 year viewpoint, how many of these generation units do you think you will be able to manufacture and sell?


Use of Proceeds


CAD Dollars

Revenue Generation
      AT1200 Demonstration Plants
      Sales & Marketing
      Product Development - SDTC
      Project Development

$ 2,000,000
$ 850,000
$ 2,000,000
$ 1,700,000


$ 6,550,000

Altek Power Corporation
      Debt Reduction
      Working Capital
      Financing Fees & Legal

$ 2,206,421
$ 897,579
$ 346,000


$ 3,450,000

Use of Proceeds

$ 10,000,000

A:  Four years from now, our annual output is estimated to be in the range of 150 to 200 units per year.






      Innovator Sales
      Service Sales
      Power Sales
      Other Equipment





      Total Revenues





Gross Profit
      Gross Margins





Total Overhead Expenses










Earnings before taxes





Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements
Except for historical information contained herein, the statements contained herein are forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause the company's actual results in the future periods to differ materially from forecasted results. These risks and uncertainties include, among other things, volatility of prices, product demand, market compensation, and risks inherent in the Company's operations.

Q:  So that is over $100 million, let's say $100 million a year.

A:  I suppose it is, yes.

Q:  And you envisage selling as well as leasing with units to become like a manufacturing and marketing merchant bank of what you call your electricity generating industry?

A:  Yes. In addition to that, we expect to become a utility, an actual producer of energy in several countries worldwide, where we would own the equipment and we would, in fact, sell the electricity and the thermal energy.

A:  I totally concur with your thinking, and I wish to also say as an example that in the Gulf of Mexico today, the United States has very large amounts of oil extraction through oil platforms. We have a solution. Our equipment will provide a solution which will eliminate a very large amount of the air pollution being caused by power generation on those platforms, while at the same time providing a much more ergonomic and safe environment for the workers on those platforms.

It's interesting to note that a very few miles north of the northern border of the United States, in Alberta, Canada, there is more oil than in all of Saudi Arabia. We have a history, Altek Power, that is, has a history of working in Alberta in the oil fields, and is very familiar with the needs of the oil extraction business and our equipment is designed to augment that process. With this in mind and this alone, Altek's success in terms of sales is assured. With the rest of the world, we will be hard pressed to keep up with the demand. We look forward to a most exciting future for our shares.


Information contained herein is based on data obtained from recognized statistical services, issuers reports or communications or other sources believed to be reliable. However, such information has not been verified by us and we do not make any representation to its accuracy or completeness. Any statement non-factual in nature constitutes only current opinions which are subject to change. BERAL INC. or their officers, directors, analysts or employees may have positions in the securities or commodities referred to herein, and may as principal or agent buy and sell such securities or commodities. An employee, analyst, officer or a director of BERAL INC. may serve as a director for companies mentioned in this report. Neither the information nor any comment expressed shall constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities or commodities mentioned herein. There may be instances when fundamental, technical and competitive opinions may not be in concert. This firm may from time to time perform investment banking or other services for or which investment banking or other businesses from any company mentioned in this report.



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Posted August 11, 2005

"1848 and Beyond"
Posted August 4, 2005



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