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Bridge Bancorp, Inc.

September 22, 2009

Interview with
Kevin M. O’Connor
Bridge Bancorp, Inc.

Bridge Bancorp, Inc.


Price:      $27

Shares Outstanding    6 Million


Market Value        $120 Million

Earnings Per Share





2009 Est.


 Stockholders Equity             $60 M

Bridgehampton National Bank
Is a wholly owned
Subsidiary of
Bridge Bancorp Inc.

Operating in the nation’s most prosperous territory,
The Hamptons
It has 6M shares, $120M market value
No debt, no hidden liability
$850 M deposits
It is a community bank with a future

Q.   Mr. O’Connor – you are, generally speaking, what some would call a traditional banker in the ways your customers have access to talk to you and other s. You know their businesses, often their families… And, you are a proud banker. I understand that Bridgehampton National Bank is in the group of banks in America that are crystal clear in the recent review by the Federal Reserve. Is this Correct?

A.   Yes, in the top 33.

Q.   The top 33 banks , which are totally clean, and being run properly with no handouts or bailouts. You are among the best group!

A.   I appreciate your confidence. And, yes we are… we have stayed true to our mission. We did not ask for or receive any TARP funds.

Q.   And in your view, why do you deserve this distinction?

A.   We have achieved a lot and we are proud of this almost 100 year old institution. In 2010, we will celebrate our 100th birthday. We have always considered ourselves a true community bank, making loans in the neighborhoods, on the Main Streets, if you will, in the places we live and work. That means we have a vested interest in every market’s success. We have also remained true to our commitment to use careful and stringent underwriting standards. When we lend money, we expect it to be paid back. These days, that does seem an old fashioned idea. But it works. Our customers are partners in our relationship.

Q.   You sit in a geographic area where it would seem that people have money to put deposits into your 15 branches. Are you satisfied with that process?

A.   Our branch system is working well. We have 15 branches serving a diverse marketplace on the North and South forks of Long Island. Many consider “The Hamptons” a wealthy area. In some cases that is true, but our customer base is the small business that makes its livelihood here. We are growing into western Suffolk County and that is not the same demographic. The new areas are working class communities where our model of community banking will make a difference. Our system is always the same – find strong banking professionals, well know in their markets and put them in place. We have good people on the ground. I am very satisfied with our organization.

Q.   Okay, in other words, you are in a geographic area where people still have money to deposit. It is not a poor area; you don’t have too much unemployment. You don’t have industry or people moving out. It is if anything, in a geographic area people with money move into. Correct?

A.   Yes, I would say we are considered to have a relatively stable economic base. We are not located in a large manufacturing community and we are not dependent on International Macro economic trade factors like the Midwest. We are a service economy with a strong base of tourism and still quite a bit of agriculture – small family farms. The largest group, though, is small business -- restaurants, marinas, landscapers, retail. They create the jobs and employee the people. Those are the businesses that we bank.

Q.   Am I correct, that you have around $800 million dollars in assets?

A.   A little more. We have $850 million in assets, but that is not all in deposits.

Q.   Can you expect to increase to over a billion dollars in say, the next two to three years?

A.   I think that is possible. I don’t like to put that kind of target out there. Other institutions have established targets and then used ways to get there that I would consider unsafe. We will grow conservatively and carefully in our marketplace.

Q.   How does the bank intend to grow to say, 20 branches? What plans do you have to expand the bank?

A.   We look at a potential new market in two ways. First, is there a sufficient business population that if we open a branch, we can attract deposits. Second, we look to hire the right professional. That person may already be operating in that marketplace, will have a good working relationship with local business that will follow him or her to us. We can build a team, a branch around the right person. Banking has always and always will be a people business, especially for the kind of customers we attract. We like to work in partnership with our customers. In the end, it is all about the relationships we build.

Q.   You know, a few years ago – five or six, I had a conversation in New York with some friends who visited Southampton. We went to see a little bank, the Bank of the Hamptons. This is the future of banking, we thought since in New York City today, there is little personal attention at the large banks. It is difficult to communicate with the branches of large banks; a problem could tie you up for days. I think the future, especially with people who accumulate money, is with banks that provide a high standard of service and build relationships. What do you think?

A.   Our mission has always been to provide personal service at a high level. But, you also have to be able to provide a full range of products and services along with convenience. That can’t be done with only one branch. A bank today needs to combine the best of technology … online banking, remote deposit, lock box … which makes banking easier along with that personal touch that builds the relationship. It really is a winning combination. The branch is our touchstone, that is where a customer connects day in and day out. That is why to us, the branch manager and people who work in the branches are very important.

Q.   Now, let’s move to the lending side. You do residential lending: mortgages, home equity loans as well as commercial loans, secured and unsecured. This is a regular process. Have there been any catastrophes or delinquencies as you increase your branch system. Do you foresee an increase in defaults?

A.   We have grown our loan portfolio judiciously. Because of our commitment to conservative underwriting standards through out our history, we have maintained a strong and solid financial position. I do see continued opportunities for growth. When there is talk about banks being unwilling to lend and how that has contributed to the difficult economy, they are not referring to institutions like Bridgehampton National Bank. We have continued to lend money. In 2008, at BNB it was Business As Usual.

Q.   Now we come to 2009. Tremendous upheaval all over the country. Concern about lending. Banks cancelling credit cards, calling in home equity loans. Aren’t you disturbed by any of these factors?

A.   Because we did not loosen our credit underwriting standards when others did, we are not in this situation. So the need to tighten them was much less.

Q.   Are you not taking advantage of the situation?

A.   In the most positive way, yes. We have been able to make loans today, that in the past we would not have been able to make because the customer did not come to us. They went to another lender who might have offered lower rates, but put them into riskier loans. But in this environment when we are still lending and others are not, we are seeing new opportunities. We also offer the benefit of local decision making. Many of the large banks and financial institutions make decisions at a national level. They make a generalized interpretation of the pluses or minuses of lending in a certain market area, without really knowing the marketplace. We know the customer, the business, the market and can make a more informed, fair and responsible decision. Loan decisions for Southampton, New York, are not being made from Richmond, Virginia.

Q.   Your concept is potentially a major shift in business. Essentially the whole of Long Island was dominated by institutions like Capital One and HSBC. They were very active in lending to credit card holders and doing business internationally. In 2008, they had to cut back. That is really a national phenomenon.
Can you comment?

A.   Yes it is, and where there is change, especially in this situation with large institutions, there are opportunities for smaller organizations like Bridgehampton National Bank to fill that open niche and grow our own business.

Q.   Let me come to the point. You have plenty of capital, no?

A.   Yes, we are well capitalized.

Q.   The market value of your company is $120 million with 6 million shares at approximately $25 per share. Maybe 6 million shares with very little trading. You have no meaningful corporate loans so the equity is free and clear and you are leveraging in lending. You are in a very good position as a banker.

A.   We are and we work very hard every day to maintain this position.

Q.   Do you have major plans for expansion?

A.   Over the last few years, we have judiciously added branches. We plan to open two or three by the end of 2009. We recently opened a branch in Shirley, New York and plan others in Center Moriches and Deer Park… all in western Suffolk County. We have great people already on board in all those markets building the branch before the doors even open. And, it’s working.

Q.   I want to mention something which is sort of out of order. A few guys from your bank left to form a new bank?

A.   Yes, about three years ago.

Q.   They ended up not being able to raise the funds – around $20 million or so. They had big plans for success. I read the papers and attended some of the investor meetings. But, what did they have in mind that you couldn’t do?

A.   I think you answered your question with your question. Their business plan was to recreate what we were already doing successfully. Their message was that they wanted to be a community based, locally managed organization. That was their reason to have people invest. But, BNB was already in the market, delivering those services and doing it well.

Q.   Let’s go in another direction. Certainly Bridgehampton operates in a part of America where the average income in higher than the rest of the country. I was an immigrant to this country in 1964 and it took me 16 years to buy my first house in the Hamptons.

A.   It’s incredible what you have accomplished.

Q.   I’ve met many well known people and business executives in the Hamptons. Actually I discovered a company called Pantry Pride in 1984 and sold it to Ron Pearlman. He then organized it into Revlon. There are so many great business leaders in the Hamptons, Barbara Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Steven Spielberg, Martha Stewart. The whole money management business is also reorganized. Private equity has changed, people think about where they put their money. Another trend was hedge funds. Mostly run by young people who did not know what they are doing. George Soros was also in the Hamptons. Have you ever thought about setting up a money management organization?

A.   Not seriously.

Q.   Why not?

A.   It is not our audience. I want to clarify the description of the type of customer Bridgehampton National Bank supports. While there is a great deal of wealth here there is also a thriving community of small businesses, contractors, landscapers, restaurants….a real working neighborhood. Those are the people who bank with us. They are the companies that we develop long term relationships with. We grow with them and they grow with us. In terms of your comment about coming here as an immigrant, many of our customers are also immigrants providing services to the wealthy seasonal residents. That is part of our story. We can help this group of people achieve the kind of success that you have had. People look at or hear about the Hamptons and just see wealth and mansions. It’s the people who are here working hard who are our customers.

Q.   If you had a money management company, which is easy to set up and not a tremendous investment and you had a few really good people, you could acquire an enormous amount of money which is helpful for cash flow and earnings…

A.   I think as an organization we need to stay true to what we are good at. That consistency has fueled our success for almost 100 years. It has helped us have a proven track record as you can see from our numbers. Our ability as an organization to focus is one of our strengths.

Q.   So what’s next for you and Bridgehampton National Bank?

A.   We will continue to focus on our mission and at the same time be on the look out for new opportunities that make sense. Because we are a young and flexible management team, we are open minded and can move quickly when the right opportunity presents itself. . We have an interest in additional service areas. We offer our customers Wealth Management, but through an affiliation with East End Financial Group. We also now have in-house Bridge Investment Services. Our growth will continue at a slow and steady…controllable pace. I think your comment about the smart people coming our here and then staying permanently is something that actually helped our growth trajectory.

Q.   Okay, one last question. I see the Hamptons as the American Monte Carlo – can you create a financial analysis to become such a thing.

A.   I am not sure that is really relevant to this area. Bridgehampton National Bank has financial strength to help fund the continued growth of the Hamptons. We have the expertise and we know the marketplace. But it is the every day business people who really provide the rich tapestry that makes everyday life – the life so many people want to enjoy year round—something we cherish and want to preserve. And it’s the community connections we have built over many, many years and our special brand of banking that we will use as the model for our growth into new markets.

Thank you Andrew, I enjoyed our chat.


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