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April 14, 2013



Shares Outstanding


Market Cap

$13 Million


Open Pit Mineral Resources at a.25 g/t Au cut-off grade are as follows:



74,000 oz ( 1,248,000 tonnes at 1.85 g/t Au



186,000 oz (2,502,000 tonnes at 2.31 g/t Au

Undergournd Mineral Resources at a $1.70 g/t Au cut-off grade are as follows:



224,000 oz ( 1,758,000 tonnes at 3.96 g/t Au)



594,000 oz (6,145,000 tonnes at 3.01 g/t Au)



Christian … you are the president and CEO of a publically traded gold exploration company – Explor Resources Inc.




If I am correct, you have 160 million shares outstanding; the stock is trading at less than 10 cents per share. The first question is when did you start this company?


I did not start the company but took over the control of the publically traded company back in 2005 by buying the controlling interest in the company. The company was located in Saskatchewan. Two brothers had it. They were looking for gold in Saskatchewan and I bought control of it from them and moved the company from Saskatchewan to Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. Rouyn-Noranda is located in the heart of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt which is one of the prolific greenstone belts in the world, having produced over 180 million ounces of gold to date and over 450 million tons of copper –Zinc ore. Once I had control of the company, then I started to look around for gold exploration properties of merit to put into the company. I evaluated many properties and once I found one that my analysis revealed it to be a property of merit, then I acquired the property and put it into the company. I would then conduct some preliminary work to determine if we could find a major gold deposit. As you know the Abitibi Greenstone is famous in the world having produced the likes of the Dome Mine which has produced 18 million ounces to date; the Hollinger Mine , 20 million ounces, the McIntyre Mine 10 million ounces, the Horne Mine which was a base metal copper mine produced over 18 million ounces of gold itself. That’s the reason that we’ve located in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt. To date, we have Timmins Porcupine West property which is based on the Hollinger-McIntyre model. The Hollinger McIntyre Coniaurum System (HMC) produced over 30 million ounces of gold. Our Timmins Porcupine West Property has many similar features to the HMC model. This model leads me to believe that we probably have 20 to 30 million ounces of gold on our property. Today we have over 1 million ounces that are NI 43-101 compliant resource. It is important to note that the gold bearing structure is over 2 kilometers in strike length and open on both ends and at depth. The resource to date has been identified on the south limb of the syncline. There is also a north Limb to the syncline, on which three holes that we have drilled to date have intersected gold. We are concentrating our efforts on the south limb in order to expand the resource base.


You said you have about a million ounces of gold that is NI43-101 compliant resource?




So, if we use a $100 per ounce number, we are talking of $100 million and that is substantially more than the market value of the company.


Oh yes, substantially more.


And you’ve spent 3.5 years constantly increasing the mining potential of the company?




Now, how do you acquire such outstanding properties? Just in a few words… you make deals with whom?


Well basically, you look to talk to various prospectors and you find properties that are of merit and that prospectors want to sell. You evaluate the properties; some properties you evaluate and reject them. Some properties look good and then you see if you can make a deal that is reasonable for the company. To make a deal you’ll sign an option agreement with the prospector that gives you additional time to evaluate the property. You spend some money on the property to determine if your initial analysis was correct and you evaluate the property. If in the process of evaluation, you find there is something significant, then you continue with the option agreement and you keep doing more work on it. If you find, after you’ve done your preliminary investigation which includes geochemistry and some drilling, that the property is not a property of merit, then you drop it and return it to the prospector. Basically that’s what you do.


Now in order to do so, you have to have money?




I mean you have to have money to make deals and so my other question is, how much money do you have now and how did you get that money?


Well we’ve got about $3 million in the bank. What we do is what is called equity financing. We’ll talk to either high net worth individuals, brokers or fund manager that are interested in exploration. They realize the high risk but also the high potential rewards to themselves and their clients. We present our projects in what we’re doing and they’ll either invest or not in the company. If they invest, then you have the money to advance your exploration project to the next phase. If you are successful then when you go back to the investors they invest again into your company.


Now there comes a date – April 2013 – the price of gold declines almost every day. Friday was a big shock. 60 points and the money available for exploration companies is drying up. This is opposite of what people experienced in 2005 when everyday things were better; now the conditions for most small companies is almost hopeless – correct?


Yes and no, It depends on the quality of your project and the personnel you have driving the project.


Then this is an opportunity if you have money in the bank and probably know how to analyze the situation just as well – not because of the price of gold – this is an opportunity for a major expansion.


Yes, it is.


Let me ask you this – are there many small mining companies – realize that this is an unusual opportunity.


Yes there are a number of companies that realize that this is an unusual opportunity; especially the small gold producers. They’re out there now looking for acquisitions of companies or properties of merit.


And are there many companies who are – who want to sell – who want to get a partner – who want to make a deal regardless because otherwise they are suffocating?


There’s are a lot of companies that want to make a deal, but there is one thing between wanting to make a deal and having an asset that somebody is willing to buy. You know, I’ve had various people approach me for various properties but I don’t make a deal unless my analysis leads me to believe that this is a property of merit that we could use to increase shareholder value. Two of our own properties are presently at an advance stage and are at the point that the next phase will be an economic analysis to determine the production potential.


Wait – some historical examples …. Is this period – April 2013, a great opportunity for Explor almost greater than any other period in your history?


It’s a great opportunity right now to pick up or expand existing properties of merit. The problem is you have to have cash to acquire the properties and then cash to work the properties. It is of no use to pick up properties even though they are properties of merit if you don’t have the money to do the work on them.


Yes, but you have to lend at the right places – you have to have an option - you have to get some deal – even if you are not going to work on it, at least you have the future opportunity which you couldn’t acquire 3 or 4 years ago when gold was flying.


That’s right. Right now it is a fantastic opportunity to pick up really good gold properties, but you have to have the money to acquire the properties and also if you are living in Canada in Ontario or Quebec, you have to do work on the properties in order to maintain them in good standing or else you will lose them to the government or the Crown will take them over.


Yes, exactly, that’s why the other guy wants to make a deal. He is trying to recoup some of his money …..


One of the alternatives that I could think of – you acquire from 1 million to 2 million ounces of gold you don’t have all the money but 2 million is attractive enough to a company like Lexam or you know – I don’t want to use the name – to buy 20% of your company and put in money to work on the whole 2 million ounces. In other words, reorganization may be in the picture.


There is always a potential for reorganization.


So in other words, intellectually you agree with them – correct?


Oh, God, I agree.


But you would like a $5 million check too?


(laughter) …. Yeah – that’s true.


Just to divert – in 1940 – General de Gaulle declared himself head of Free France. And he went through all the territories of the French Empire and everywhere established a relationship with Free France and eventually had 14/15 countries and even President Roosevelt had to take his seriously. And by the time, 1944, he walked through the Champ d’Elyssée and he was head of France.


That’s right.


Now he didn’t have the money when he went to , Syria, Algeria, you know – all the territories – but he established a relationship and he said, look, we are Free France. If we get money, we’ll fight the Germans and reestablish our own country. Now – gold has been on the upswing for 10 years. And there are many areas with gold holdings. The price has fallen but the world’s monetary situation hasn’t improved very much so there is at least an intellectual argument that should we prove up – more gold under the ground – we try to get a partner – we try to get a bigger company – and those who don’t want to do this, will get depressed and eventually the government or somebody else will take them over.


That’s right.


That’s what I see. So in other words, now – can I ask you something – briefly, can you describe your curriculum vitae – you whole life?


That’s going to take a while. I started when I was 20 years old – I went to work underground in a mine called Brunswick Mining. I think my career started on the 1450 foot level with me cleaning out ditches with a round mouth shovel filling a muck car. From there I worked with old miners learning everything I could about mining. You could say from the underground up. I learned about long hole loading, drilling with a jackleg and stoper, worked as a timberman. I also worked in the ventilation department and on the mine rescue crew on the underground sulfide fire. After that I later went to University to become a mining engineer on a scholarship that was funded by Noranda Mines owners of Brunswick Mining. They made a scholarship for me to go to University to become a mining engineer – employed me in the summers to work underground – at Brunswick in the various departments. I worked in research and work study department, time study etc. From then on I worked for other mining companies in the Noranda Group. These included Heath Steele, Matabi and Mining Corporation. At Mining Corporation I worked as Senior Mining Projects Engineer. This helped complete my training as I worked in all fascets of the Mining sequence. Cost estimating, Feasibility studies, contracts and tenders, underground development etc. I worked as a senior I also designed and built gold mills for Noranda, detail studies, project management construction, labs, shop estimating and construction. From there I moved on to work for Noranda during closures of mines – cleanup of old mines. I also worked for the Atomic Energy Control Board Closure and clean up of Uranium Mines. Responsible for the clean up of Denison and Rio Algom both Uranium Mines in Elliot Lake, Ontario. as budget manager in charge of that. From there I moved on. I worked for a company called Exell Resources where I was the chief engineer – developed what is now called Brigus Gold Mine in Matherson, Ontario. And after that, I purchased control of my first publically traded company called Kayorum Gold Mines. This company I operated for several years doing exploration in and around Timmins Ontario. I sold this company during the tech bubble and then completed exploration privately for a few years until the market turned around. I was then involved with several juniors where I worked as I worked as Director or officer of various junior companies. I took control of Explor Resources in 2005.


In other words what I got from you – that you’ve been working with a whole bunch of junior companies in a relatively high positions. The working always brought you reasonable sums of money. But, you never created or never have been given a big leadership position to do things on a larger scale. I mean – the same business but on a larger scale?


No – not really. I guess what I’ve done is project management ….


Do you feel that you could management – not one million but ten million ounces of gold – several locations – finances and the whole – all the activities which lead to creating a functioning big mine?


Yes, But you’d have to put in place a team to manage a large organization. You’d have to hire the people and the staff in order to do that. Because each mine has to have its own manager, mine super, mill super etc all reporting to a central head office.


But do you know how …. But would be able to organize the whole project?


Oh, yes.


So in this case, we have gotten down to the original that this year – 2013 – the mining – let’s say at least the gold mining industry is going through right now a tremendous transformation. You see, mining, particularly gold mining you have to look forward with money because otherwise you stop functioning. You need staff, you need facilities, you need gold, you need financing. In other words this is not a small time job.


No, it is not. No it is not – but you also need the funds to do it. If you’ve got deep pockets, it’s easy to do. If you don’t have any money, it is impossible.


Well, as a former immigrant, I sympathize with you. You need deep pockets. But, at the same time, okay – let’s analyze where we are. We are at the period of monetary development when #1 – every major institution is writing articles that gold is going to go down and you have to sell it short including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley – anybody in the world. Now this is point #1. It is happening. People – you have to respect what others are doing. The second point is that we still have $17 trillion deficit. It will be over $20 trillion when Mr. Obama finishes his second term. The world has never – never seen $20 trillion deficit from the United States and even smaller countries like Cyprus can shake up the world with defaults; we’ve never seen this kind of prospect. This prospect cannot be considered negative for gold. Okay. A trading desk of Goldman Sachs may be very powerful, but not as powerful as the $20 trillion potential deficit. The deficit will stay. The traders may be fired. I don’t wish them to be fired but the trader can do something else – but the deficit is there. $20 trillion coming. Okay. The third point is the majority of the junior companies are in very bad shape. Okay. And that can only be theoretically can only be improved by money but there will be a lot of organization to improve the situation. This is what happened exactly after the Second World War. The whole of Europe was in shambles but they put the pieces back together and 15 years later Germany, for instance, was booming. And, anyway – you can reorganize. So in other words, we have a reorganization job and a few people – individuals who know the gold industry – know every aspect of it – could emerge either on their own or partially with other backing or partnerships or financing – whatever it is – to acquire a whole series of companies and put together a picture which is going to provide the world in the period of the $20 trillion deficit. This is an interesting concept. A fellow like Lou Lerman who is head of the Gold Standard Institute, spent a lifetime talking about it. I read last night part of his book – I do know him personally – he was dreaming to have an opportunity like this. Big deficit and what he is named – and a lot of free gold – meaning that people can buy them and a few leaders who have to emerge to put a package together. That’s it. Correct?




So, I wish you all the best for leadership organizing and we’ll review it in two weeks. Okay.


Yes. I’m still here.


That’s the end – I got my point across. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.


No it’s a fantastic opportunity.


So you have to get other people. It’s an organizational job. (tape cuts out)


Can’t deliver – it’s not there. They’ve created a lot of paper gold which has no backing. If everybody would call for delivery of the paper gold, the price would go through the roof because they would not to be able to deliver and they couldn’t.


But look you are really saying that there are great opportunities now. And this opportunity – when the price is up and every idiot is considered a great gold mining company – that’s not the best time.


The best time to look for gems or jewels is now. There’s a lot of juniors out there that people who are running them don’t know what they are doing. That’s the other thing. They’re not qualified.


Do you know a company called Qualcom?


No I don’t.


Qualcom is now almost a billion dollar company in Mississippi. And the company you started, he once started with one man – about 30 years ago and he was specializing in one item – eggs. Today he has 70% of America’s egg supply! And I visited him once or twice because I played the stock; it’s a billion dollar company. And he a chart of good times and bad times. And he said, you know Andrew – I have good bank lines. When things get back, I go buy what there is to buy. If it’s good – I sell, I sit back – I go to Miami to enjoy myself. But we have a billion dollar company and 80% of America’s egg supply. We have done very well with his stock. He’s now 81 years old and he always told me, you know – whatever you do, you really asset commodity. You have to analyze everything and be a student. I didn’t have the opportunity like you to go to some fancy European College. As a matter of fact, I never went to College – he said. But I study the egg business and I always found the opportunities to get bigger and bigger and the prices are actually cheaper than the rest. That’s what my wife tells me. He is 81 years old and still going heavy analyzing the egg market.


Well I guess he’s done very well.


The second time I went down I stayed with him – his family. He has 16 grandchildren and everybody loves him in the business and in the company and ….. anyhow …. Sometimes he appears in the press because he has a unique position. But he said …. Eggs and gold have some similarities! People always need gold; people always need eggs. Keep this in mind.




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Posted August 11, 2005

"1848 and Beyond"
Posted August 4, 2005



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