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Harvest Gold

HVG --- Vancouver Venture Exchange  


C. $.13

Price range:

C. $.19 - C. $.11

Shares outstanding:


Market cap:

C. $2,400,000

A resource company, born in the last days of

Dollar Hegemony

March 2, 2006

Interview with John Roozendaal, President of Harvest Gold

Q: Let me ask you a first question. Does Harvest Gold exist because of the conditions in the first decade of the 21st century, or could it have existed ten years ago?

JOHN ROOZENDAAL: It could have existed ten years ago, but its future would have been to suffer through some of the hardest times ever experienced in our industry. Starting now puts us at the beginning of a major bull market cycle for Gold and other Commodities which is the optimum time for investors. I know I'm sounding too simplistic but we're in a whole different time right now.

Q: In what sense.

A: I say this because I don't think the world--and I mean this from an investment perspective--has understood the importance of holding resource stocks prior to recent years for quite some time. As a small company we're reliant on investor dollars to enable the Company to grow and operate. The investing public today I think is slowly but surely starting to be enlightened on what gold means again. And it seemed like we had about a 20-year period where they certainly haven't paid much attention to it, again, from the investment perspective.

Q: In this decade, there has been awareness, political, monetary reason that gold exists and it is likely to play a role in the monetary system of the world in the next twenty or thirty years?

A: It appears to be almost inevitable. I can't imagine another substitute for it right now.

Q: Why?

A: It's probably the only thing I can think of that has any longevity to it, and if you want to store value it had better be something with a longevity attached to it. There is a number of reasons why I think gold is going to be an important part of every portfolio, I believe it's already happening in the media as more and more pundits begin to endorse its value as an investment. The media has actually started to cover gold again. But first of all, it has fundamental attributes which make it the truest form of money. It's divisible, recognizable, doesn’t spoil, is rare with time etc. What's compounded this is two things at the same time. One is the monetary policies in the world. There's a great deal of money out there which raises a lot of doubt because this money is virtually backed by nothing. Actually, the Euro highlighted the flop of the Dollar Hegemony in the reserve accounts of nations and the investment accords.

At the same time, we have different sectors of society and special interest groups that have worked very hard to demonize gold and mining in general. So you actually have diminishing mining reserves and production at a time where there's an enhanced demand on gold as money.

Q: I recently read that the gold supply of the world grows about 1% a year, and everything else grows much faster.

A: Yes. I'm not sure if that trend holds true this year and even into next year. I don't. I don't remember the references so I won't get too specific, but I recall seeing forecasts of actually declining production, and certainly declining reserves. Now, as the price of gold goes up I shouldn't say that, because the amount of reserves generally climb up with it, provided the costs don't exceed the rise in the metal price. But I do recall that as far as actual mines going into production goes, I don't think they've kept pace with the demand.

Q: Recently a Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul made a speech emphasizing the gold would actually end the Dollar Hegemony, that at the moment the people who have power are those who print the press. But very soon there will be a major change.

A: : I think it goes back to a book I'd read sometime ago called The _____________ of Jekyll Island. One of the premises of the book was that when dealing with inflation, it's not that the value of oil has really changed dramatically. It still does the exact same things that it's done through history, but what's changed, (although demand may have increased) what's changed is the value the currency that you're purchasing it with. Just look at a chart of comparing the price of oil against dollars and against gold. How much an ounce of gold will buy you is really what's important.

Q: At this stage, very briefly, can you describe what Harvest Gold has as assets?

A: I'll start by saying the primary value in a company like Harvest Gold, and you have to understand again what its actual physical value is in terms of the number of shares out and its stock price, which is extremely low on both fronts. So it has a paper value of approximately $3 million Canadian dollars right now. What is has though, and this is what I think as our story becomes better known, is a tremendous intellectual capital in the form of the geologists that we have and the business people that are on our board, and our projects which all have very large deposit potential. When you combine these attributes and some money, big things can happen in our industry as people like Robert McEwen and many others have proven to us.

Q: Assuming money is not a hindrance, if you had an unlimited amount of money, how much gold would you identify in the territories that you control?

A: The potential of our projects is for large tonnage high grade gold deposits like those found else where on the Canadian Shield in camps such as Red Lake. Each project has its own unique geologic attributes, but let me start with our project at Rice Lake which is in the oldest and most prolific gold belt in the Province of Manitoba. If your listeners don't know this, the Province of Manitoba borders with the Province Ontario, and which is home to about 200 million ounces of gold production. The geologic structure which runs right through the middle of the famous Red Lake gold camp runs through another gold camp to the east called Pickle Lake, but this important feature also runs into the Province of Manitoba through the Rice Lake gold camp.

Secondarily, the rocks, 80% of the gold produced out of that prolific Red Lake gold camp, approximately 28 million ounces, are hosted in or very near to one package of rocks. The only other places on the Canadian Shield where those rocks occur are at the Pickle Lake Gold camp, where there's been four million ounces identified, and the little camp of Rice Lake, Manitoba. But this camp isn't so little. It just happens to have missed an awful lot of exploration relative to Ontario properties over the past years in my opinion. The excellent work done previously in the camp gives us a tremendous advantage in making new discoveries such as the one we made in October of last year in our very first drill program.

Q: Let's say you take the next three years, and let's say that you have an unlimited bank line. How many reserves do you think you might be able to identify?

A: I think we might be able to identify anywhere from one to five million ounces on our each of our projects with the possibility of discovering major new mining camps with many times this number of ounces. If you're chasing another Red Lake style gold camp, given the size of those deposits, you're looking at mineral deposit sizes of a million ounces or more. These are the targets on those projects I just mentioned. In Nevada we have a project called Long Street where there's currently a small resource of 100,000 ounces of gold and about 2.2 million ounces of silver on a property which we think is analogous to a Round Mountain style deposit in many respects. I don't know that it'll be as large as Round Mountain but it certainly has the potential to be and only future exploration will tell.

Q: If you identify 100,000 ounces, that would be at a $50 price equivalent to $5 million. That is twice the capitalization of the company.

A: It's about $3 million.

Q: $50 times 100,000 is $5 million. So it's almost twice, in U.S. terms, the capitalization of the company.

A: Just that one deposit.

Q: So if you go up three or fourfold, then you come to a different number.

A: What we're chasing are districts and camps really where you expect to find multiple million-ounce deposits. That's what we expect to find in our exploration on these projects. So the leverage from that, just using your mathematics, is just outstanding.

Q: In other words, your requirement at the moment, the geological territory, the climate in your mind about gold, you basically have to get higher equity valuation, access to money partners. In other words, this is an organizational problem.

A: Yes.

Q: I trust that this is where you spend your time.

A: Indeed I do. That's exactly right. Although I do like to participate in what's going on in the ground, because it's difficult to speak with any degree of confidence unless you are participating in it. But that's exactly right.

Q: In the oil business, and I go back to the great Texas Sid Richardson, the Hunts controlled the world. They were trading up territories, sell 20% and get oil, then the 20% you sell at a higher level. Actually, Diamond field used it, called the salami technique. I worked with them. The express was mine but they like it. The other avenue is you go to foreign governments who have no gold mining and would like to get into the exploration program, and they have plenty of capital. You are too small for this or have you at least thought about it?

A: No. I would say my reaction to that is we've very deliberately chosen where we want to go work, and currently that is in Nevada and Manitoba, Canada, both jurisdictions offer great advantages for the Companies operating there. In mining you have enough risk already when you're out there and looking and exploring for new mineral deposits. You don't need the added risk of a jurisdiction that may or may not allow you to mine or ultimately nationalize the investors property which is more likely outside of these jurisdictions.

Q: But let's say a foreign government. Let's say Dubai. Dubai people come in, buy 20% of the company, issue a huge loan. Have you thought about it?

A: I shouldn't say I haven't thought about it, but we've yet to make a contact in Dubai that would facilitate that. But absolutely. Of course, we'd be very open to something like that but at the stage we're at, I suspect they'd want to see more reserves in the ground. If they have an arm that actually backs exploration, I think we'd be a very good partner for them because of the talent that's on board and the projects we have.

Q: Another example. When you have a small capitalization, you in fact attract smart people with money because their entrance fee is very small. They come in, buy the stock at 154 Canadian per share and do a private placement and give you a million dollars. In the long run it can turn out to be very profitable for them. It's a good investment.

A: It's very leveraged, absolutely.

Q: Have you been approached by people like that?

A: People like what exactly?

Q: Let's say we like your stock. We come to you, buy some on the open market, and say look, we'll put together half a million, a million dollar package, we want to do a private placement. Now, if you become successful it turns out to be a tremendous investment on our side because we got in on the ground floor.

A: The answer to your question is yes. We have had people come to us of various degrees of interest and financing our company. Usually the dollar figures are under $200,000 individually but when those financings take place, they tend to be part of a larger private placement with a number of other investors. But as far as single individual investors doing that, we have had some approaches like that and they participated in our last financing. We had several groups take a large percentage of it.

Q: The investors have to recognize which small company is right. But I have an example in mind because I knew it from the beginning. Columbia Pictures was selling at $2.50 after the 1973-74 market decline. Allen & Co., an investment banking firm, bought 30% of the company, or 40%. There were originally 16 million shares and they bought 4 million or something, a $50 million market cap. That was 1974, and sometime in the mid-1980's, they sold out to Sony for $3.2 billion. That story I know well. It was a time when people discovered movie libraries. Turner bought another company. That was the beginning of television residuals, movie residuals.

You have in many respects residuals on the ground, your brain work in terms of mining. You have a library actually which can appreciate substantially in value. So a repetition of the movie industry, then you will not stop till $3.2 billion

A: That's a terrific analogy, Andrew. Thank you for explaining that to me. As someone who comes from a geologic background, I'm always interested in finding out how investors value companies. It's always difficult because as a geologist, I have my own ideas which are science based on why we will be a success. But it's quite another when you can express an analogy like that to another industry.. In a sense, you're talking intellectual capital, if you will, or in this case entertainment. In our business it's the opportunity to have large amounts of relatively rare commodities, particularly in gold discovered at a fraction of the cost it takes to buy refined gold out of the market.

Q: Now let me ask you, what would happen to you if gold jumped to $800 in a few weeks?

A: What would happen to us? What I would say is that as a sector, of course, people would be flocking to the sector itself. Also, I would think the value of our stock would rise dramatically as that new money began to flow in and the people who own stock weren't inclined to sell given the bullish market. So I think a couple things would happen. One is the value of our stock would rise dramatically. Two, the resources that we have in the ground would likely be attractive to be mined, so we'd probably be moving into partnership with a company that would mine our resources. Three, we'd have a great deal more capital to work with to actually make discoveries quicker and possibly even larger.

Q: Who owns your company? Who are the major stockholders?

A: I'm the largest shareholder.

Q: How many shares do you have?

A: I have approximately 800,000 shares I believe in Harvest Gold. Maybe a little bit less than that.

Q: You have 800,000 shares?

A: Yes.

Q: Out of a total of how many?

A: Sixteen million. So roughly 5% of the company.

Q: I added up today how many options, warrants I have in various gold and silver companies, how much they went up today. Apart from wishing you all the best, I want to finish my most favorite story of gold. In 1981-82, I did work with President Nixon. He was, of course, out of office. And I wrote an article called "Russia in Bankruptcy". The first page was that Karl Marx was after all wrong. Capitalism may be able to cope with wars, but communism simply cannot afford it. Nixon asked me to come over and the theory was as follows. America issues bonds, borrows against its total gold reserves. It's off-balance sheet financing, not hurting the treasury. And we go to a bank in London like National Westminster and say, Mr. Banker, how much do the Russians owe you? I said well, $25 million reward we crack it. So America goes, here is $25 million and now the Russians owe the money to us. Then you go to Barclays, $50 million, the story is the same. Then you go to some Italian banks with $250 million or $300 million Russian debt comes to the U.S.

Then comes the 30th of the month and the Russians came back to renew the money. America says no, we want cash. So Nixon said I like it. I said, Mr. President, what would happen? He said, the Russians call, I would send Kissinger over there, but eventually I would sit down with Brezhnev. He said what would happen? I said Brezhnev would get up, hit the table, yell, scream. And then you? I said I would do exactly what you just said. I would ask for another cup of coffee.

But the President said if he had been President, he would have studied it but he probably would have done it. And there were a few articles on this subject here and there, and Governor Connolly actually made a major speech out of it and hitting the table. He said the Romanians bought $22 million. They want to renew it. I said oh, no, go to your friends, the Soviet Union. We want cash. Nixon said it could have ended the Cold War because what can you do to a banker to lend money? You can't shoot Chase Manhattan. So gold has power.

A: It has power even today.

Q: Thanks for the interview.


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