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Judy Garland & The Subprime Crisis

April 29, 2008

The irony is that however much money Judy Garland earned in her lifetime, she was always in debt. The celebrated singer and actress, however, put in motion events which contributed to the subprime crisis of the year 2008.

Very few people bring the two together but being a research analyst all my life, I began to look for the correlation. Judy Garland had one of her husbands, Mr. Luft, and they had two children. They lived in the Stanhope Hotel and Judy Garland wanted a divorce. She found that imaginative and rather forceful lawyer, Irving Erdheim, Esq., who became at some stage more popular in New York City, namely in the 1970s, than the mayor of New York, wanted by every woman not for divorce but a settlement.

Mr. Erdheim discovered the life-long alimony and in each particular case he didn't hesitate to use visitation rights to the children, contact with the children, to attain what he wanted. As a result, Mr. Erdheim became rich. However, many people became poor.

Judy Garland's two children, living with the father in the Stanhope Hotel, were actually kidnaped and shifted to London to the Savoy Hotel. The Savoy Hotel is where Winston Churchill in his earlier years liked to have dinner. Mr. Erdheim made the children the wards of the British Crown, so as a result he obtained for a settlement not only a downpayment but a string of payments for a lifetime, which in aggregate amounted to, if I'm correct, $2 million.

After six months the children returned to their father and Mr. Luft was obligated in regular yearly payments to put Judy Garland's bank account into the black. Slowly, Mr. Luft joins the debtors class. Now, Judy Garland's settlement took place in the 1940's and the $2 million long-term commitment was technically making Mr. Luft a relatively poor man. His life was mortgaged, and that is why Judy Garland created the subprime crisis in Mr. Luft's life.

Mr. Erdheim, having learned from that experience, became an expert in such settlements, always using the children and the relationship with the father to bombard the poor husband and having a string of payments for five, ten, twenty years or a lifetime, committed for the mother and against the father. In the 1970s, Mr. Erdheim even got to the front page of New York Magazine. He was named The Bomber of the Year, who hardly goes to court but gets very good settlements, namely the subprime settlements of the divorce industry.

In my case, and I was a father who spent every weekend with my two sons, Gregory and Justin, suddenly found myself right at the beginning strictly restricted from visitation rights, even though I lived only a block away on purpose. The settlement left me with a lifelong alimony of at least $20,000 a year. So from 1980 until the present day of almost 40 years, I was committed to pay to ELLEN RACZ, 305 East 86th Street, Apt. 5CEast, New York NY 10028, 212-427-7480, approximately, assuming I live to the age of 80, a million dollars just for alimony alone. A million dollars cash for a middle class person like myself, even if I was a penniless Hungarian immigrant who came to this country, an orphan at the age of six, I had my Cambridge education, I had my education in Munich, Germany and in Johannesburg, it was a million dollars committed to be paid by an immigrant 15 years after landed in Ellis Island.?   WHERE IS THE CONSTITUTION?

My settlement also had some caveats. For instance, a house I bought on the lake in South Salem in 1975, three levels, at the height of my income growth, went over to ELLEN. So not only did she get the real estate, she got the million dollar payment scheduled at $20,000 a year until eternity.

The vulgarity of the transaction, which is tied to my relationship with my two boys, made me angry and I reverted to my ability to write. I put together what I consider perhaps the best piece of literature I have ever provided, The Multi-billion Dollar Divorce Industry. That shows all the extras. That shows that it's not only the million dollars but the other half a million which is taken away from you at the time of the divorce would actually bankrupt anybody but the very rich.

Nobody wanted to read it. I even expanded to contingency lawyers. Tobacco lawyers, for instance, got two billion dollars. Now, this was a liability carried by the tobacco companies. Then came Senator Edwards, who had a net worth of $50 million. He attacked the insurance company so his settlement for everybody including himself became a liability for the insurance companies. Mr. Edwards, being a politician and a good speaker, in his various campaigns which fortunately all became failures, claimed credit for attacking the insurance industry. One night he would say, yes, I did earn $50 million, but I wanted and I should have earned $500 million, so the insurance companies could be hanged with a $200 or $500 billion liability.

Senator Edwards is not a presidential candidate this year, but whenever he opens his mouth I will campaign against him as the man who didn't create liabilities big enough to be carried by American corporate institutions. Let me make a point very clear. The one and only reason Senator Edwards could carry his trade is because this country created powerful insurance industries. Mr. Erdheim and Judy Garland could get money from men like Mr. Luft and Andrew Racz because two of them have made some money. The limit of how much liabilities they were forced to carry was executed by Irving Erdheim, Esq., of Madison Avenue and Judy Garland, the reckless singer who was willing to prostitute her own children for money. Actually, Mr. Erdheim's son Michael, following in his father's footsteps in the divorce industry, if I'm correct, went to jail.

Now, the American government did know the members of the Senate, members of the House of Representatives, did know the tragedy divorce and contingency lawyers create in this country. No sane person who reads the newspapers, who watches television, doesn't know the tremendous tragedies created by these two classes of lawyers.

Now, let us look at the dividends. I learned that if Marx wrote "Das Capital", Stalin was the dividend. If the multi-billion-dollar divorce industry failed to bankrupt anything but part of the 50 percent of the couples who divorce, there came a very modest group of people, the mortgage bankers, who decided to take a share of the greatest enterprise in the world, the United States of America.

How does this now read? Mr. Smith and his family of two children have a house worth let's say $500,000, with a mortgage of $400,000, and they are receiving total income from Mr. Smith of $150,000 a year. They are probably struggling to educate two children and put one of them through college. Every penny counts. The interest on a 6% straight mortgage of $400,000 is $24,000, which they manage to pay. If college expenses are too high, they borrow some money for the difficult few years and somehow or another, they manage.

Now comes the mortgage broker. Very simple guy, couldn't get a job as a broker in Merrill Lynch, couldn't work at Chase Manhattan, couldn't be an accountant, first of all couldn't be a lawyer. So the mortgage broker says, Mr. Smith, your house is worth $600,000 and we can provide you with the full $600,000 at a 2% rate for two years and then 8% in the following years. Calculate the interest and calculate the payments for five years and ten years.

This model is the subprime crisis! Mr. Smith and his family, after the third or fourth year, cannot cope with the payments. They borrow personally. They may manage to pull through at the expense of lowering their standard of living to the minimum, but the possibility exists that they collapse. If, as it happens, real estate values knock the price not from $600,000 back to $500,000 but to $400,000, it would actually pay them to leave the house, keep what little money they saved and move to California.

The little mortgage broker gets a nice commission. The $600,000 which he brings into a bank may give him $10,000-15,000 for a transaction. There are more houses in America than upper middle class divorce couples, so they go for half a million dollar house, a million, two million, and suddenly we are in what Charlie Chaplin called in his movie "Modern Times", the modern times of the subprime crisis.

The definition of the subprime crisis is not applied to real estate alone. The definition is that we have laws in the United States that permit unlicensed mortgage brokers, divorce lawyers, continency lawyers, to create liabilities for corporations, but particularly to people, with which they cannot cope. It is now April, 2008. For one year we have been living off the well-documented subprime crisis. Let me assure my audience that for a year, every executive of Merrill Lynch, Citicorp, have been living with the well-documented subprime crisis.

Not only the executives, but members of Congress, Senators, presidential candidates, the President of the United States, the Secretary of the Treasury, all are spending a large percentage of their time either criticizing or trying to solve the subprime crisis, which is dangerous to a level that could bring down the financial structure of the United States. The fifth largest investment bank, Bear Stearns, actually collapsed.

Specialized real estate brokers like Countrywide and Washington Mutual were almost brought to their knees and created bankruptcies, except for the exceptional skills of our leaders at the Treasury, at the Federal Reserve, and so on. We have to regiment our contacts overseas, our skills, everything almost like a war, to save the country.

[I don't want to be here an expert in subprime crisis. I would, however, like to point out where my expertise may lie, that pushing people to a level of near desperation, saddled with debt, should be declared a crime the same way insider trading is a crime, the same way money laundering is a crime, the same way hidden overseas bank accounts is a crime. Any of these crimes hurt the United States but do not threaten individuals with bankruptcy, families with dissolution, and individuals to a level where their created capacity is killed fighting the enemy. The enemy as I mentioned, saddling unsolvable, unfair and prohibitive liabilities through unpunishable crimes.]

This is the problem. This is the problem that Congressman Barney Frank should have a hearing. Unlicensed bankruptcies, liabilities against an individual life, this must be declared unconstitutional by constitutional means.

Well, I am not a lawyer. I'm a combination of an investment banker and a writer, and I applied my sense of humor in writing to get through may of the difficulties of life. Mr. Erdheim was a jovial person. He didn't like to fly. He had friends in Las Vegas and Florida. He used to arrive at his office at 5 o'clock to do his paperwork. He held well over a year and a half contact with my children in his hand to soften me up, to sign over anything he tried to get me to sign. I tried to fight him, appealing to influential people until I realized that when it comes to the multi-billion dollar divorce industry, there is no law. There is only force and power. The late Dean Atcheson lectured Kennedy in 1962, "The Russians only understand force."

So when I wrote my article on the Multi-billion Dollar Industry, I described exactly what happened with Mr. Erdheim and Gregory and Justin and my former wife. And what I did was I distributed my article to all the divorce lawyers in New York, all the major law firms in New York -- after all, Erdheim used to get a lot of business from major law firms -- and actually tried to publish it. I failed with the publisher but I created quite a bit of upheaval. This was a time when the movie "Kramer v. Kramer" was made.

Mr. Erdheim wasn't particularly happy with me and called the head of my brokerage company and objected left and right. Then I got an idea which appealed to me. Why not get a permit to demonstrate in front of his Madison Avenue office and distribute my Multi-billion Dollar Divorce Industry to anybody in the street who wanted to read it? The following morning he was actually visiting James Walden, the chairman of Philips, Appel and Wanden, where I spent most of my working life. He screamed.

I began to understand what hurt him. At 4 o'clock he sees one copy of my article coming up to his office. At 5 o'clock people in the waiting room are reading it. At 6 o'clock, he has nightmares that everybody on Madison Avenue reads it, and at 7 o'clock he thinks it will be on the Walter Cronkite show. Actually, this worked. He screamed, objected, threatened, and frankly he was close to seventy so I was afraid that I would have a bigger problem. But I kept on.

I repeated to myself what General Douglas MacArthur said: "In war there is no substitute for victory". So the following weekend I hired ten students, and we had a permit from the City and demonstrated on Madison Avenue.

My fellow Americans, this is not a joke. My relationship with Justin and Gregory changed and was disturbed by Mr. Erdheim. Think about all the families who have to leave their homes or make basic cuts in their standard of living. There are two children in each home. They will never forget it.

The Multi-billion Dollar Subprime Crisis has brought back to me the memories of 1945 when the war ended, when families lived on very little, when there was a lot of friction. After the war there were two and a half billion people in this world. Today there are nine billion, 300 million in America. I only hope that the trend that Judy Garland started will end. It would be much better if the world remembered Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz". As it stands, she started a trend which hurt millions of American children, American families, changed the whole real estate industry, but in the final analysis all Judy Garland created is suffering and tragedy.

This is an American tragedy.

President Nixon said once on television, "The North Vietnamese cannot hurt America. Only Americans can hurt America."

For goodness sake, let's come to our senses. We demand a congressional hearing right away, not only on the real estate crisis but on all the crises where American people can inflict suffering of an enormous and intolerable nature on one another. That is wrong. That is very wrong. But only Americans can solve it.


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